Four Chord Song

Our little four chord medley. This one was filmed at the Stourton Candle Gin Fest and Sonny’s Cider Festival in May 2019

Still Into You - Paramore

A new one for us by a band we love, Still Into You by Paramore was recorded across two nights at The Trooper Inn in Stourton Candle and the Royal Oak in Hardington:

Shake It Off - Taylor Swift

This is a recording of ur version of Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. We love a good pop rock cover and this is always one of our favourites to play. This was recorded in Chicago Rock in 2018:

Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry

It’s an oldie… but a goodie. I am sorry I couldn’t help myself!! A video of us play a Chuck Berry track in Chicago Rock in 2018: